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If you're reading this, know that you're beautiful and you deserve to be happy.'


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❝So fill your heart with what’s important, and be done with all the rest.❞
La Dispute — "The Last Lost Continent" [x] (via thecompanyoflyrics)
❝You should know that there is something worse than hate and that is unlove. Because hate is anger over something lost, hate is passion, hate is misguided, it’s caring for the wrong things but it is still caring. But unlove, unlove is to unkiss, to unremember, to unhold, to undream, to undo everything that ever was and leave smooth stone behind in its wake. No fire. No fury. Just, nothing. And that is worse than hate.❞
❝But sometimes we have to be brave in order to dig deep and find answers. Even if we’re not sure we’re going to like the answers.❞
Linda Francis Lee, The Glass Kitchen (via timefliestoday)